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We Got The Best Driveway Glasgow Had To Offer

This is the story of how we came to get a new driveway here at Abbeyfield. The situation presented itself last year after a cold winter had left our driveways and parking area outside our premises even more cracked and broken that it already was. When the building was made, there was only a small stretch of new tarmac that was put down outside the front entrance to make it smooth to walk on as you entered the building. The contractor had decided that the car park area would be ok with the old tarmac that wasn’t down for the previous building, but after around 5 years the cracks and potholes had simply gotten worse and worse. It had gotten to the stage where the potholes were quite frankly dangerous to our residents and visitors, so we had to call in the experts to get a new driveway and carpark area. This involved fixing some of the old holes and completely resurfacing the old tarmac that was far beyond repair, but we had to call in a driveway Glasgow based company.


driveway glasgow


Finding The Best Driveway Glasgow Company

We needed a company that was able to come out and fix our carpark area quickly, and we could not afford to wait as it had been flagged up in a health and safety report. The report had found several holes that were considered a danger to the health of visitors and residents, and they would have to be fixed immediately or we would be unable to use the driveway areas. This meant that we had to quite quickly find a company at short notice that would be able to come out and repair the driveway. After much searching, we were unable to find a local company that had the time to do it as quickly as we needed. Luckily, we were able to find a company a bit further afield that agreed to come out and fix the problem. The company was called Roadlay – a driveway company in Glasgow – and we are so grateful to them agreeing to travel to do the work that we thought we should give them some credit.

driveway glasgow

The Big Day

The company had stated that they would be arriving at 8am sharp, and that we should make sure that the whole carpark and driveway area was completely clear of cars and any other obstacles. They were indeed true to their word, and showed up with a small convoy of vehicles at exactly 8am ready to start. Our staff and residents watched with great delight as the workers got to work preparing the driveway and going about repairing the huge potholes. One of the workers actually commented that he couldn’t believe that it had not been fixed sooner, and some of the holes were far too big to be allowed anywhere near a care home. The team got to work and by lunchtime they had already resurfaced most of the car park area. They finished up by 4 o’clock, and they were on their way home back to Scotland. We are so grateful to the team at Roadlay and would like to say a massive thanks to everyone involved.


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