When it comes to our care at Abbeyfield Bognor Regis, the Very Sheltered home provides our residents with the highest amount of independence and flexibility in care provisions.  With accommodation within this home, the residents can enjoy a very full life with socialising, entertaining and running their own home. They can do this with the underlying assurance that our staff are on hand to provide them with the assistance and care they may need.

The Very Sheltered Home

This House offers accommodation (bed/sitting room and full bathroom en-suite) for residents who still have mobility and the ability to care for themselves. The kitchen staff prepare a home cooked lunch and evening meal which are served in the communal dining room where residents meet together and share companionship. Breakfast and incidental snacks are prepared by residents in their own rooms enabling them to entertain friends if they so wish.

Helping Residents Feel at Home

At Abbeyfield Bognor Regis, we have the ultimate goal of ensuring our residents feel safe, secure and at home while staying in one of our Very Sheltered accommodation units. For this reason, all residents within this home will be able to bring their own furniture and design the layout of the rooms themselves. This will help them to readjust to living in this new space and help them to feel comfortable.

Being able to have your own suite, with bathroom, lounge, bedroom and basic cooking facilities, our residents here will enjoy full privacy and will lead quite full and independent lives. They can do this all under the reassurance that there will be a member of staff there to help them should they ever need care for any reason. The atmosphere within the Very Sheltered home ensures that the residents will make many friends and will find companionship in both fellow residents and care staff.

Here are some of the other top features available to our residents in the Very Sheltered home:

  • The home has lifts to all rooms above the ground floor.
  • There are 2 large lounge and dining rooms, as well as a delightful conservatory overlooking the well-tended garden.
  • There are 2 garages in which residents may park and charge their Mobility Scooters.
  • In the garden, there is a large, heated chalet with provides space for residents to participate in different hobbies and activities.
  • Instructors visit the Very Sheltered home regularly and provide arts and crafts classes or music classes in the garden’s chalet.
  • Excursions are often arranged for the home’s residents each summer.
  • Fashion displays are held regularly within the home.
  • Visiting clergy visit often and communion is observed for all residents who wish to participate.
  • A chiropodist and a hairdresser visit the Very Sheltered home regularly.
  • The location of the home in the sea-side town of Bognor Regis means that it is within a very short distance of the sea, the promenade and the Marine Gardens.
  • There are shops, chemists, a post office, a food store and another hairdressers within a similarly short distance of the home.
  • A laundry room is provided within the Very Sheltered house for the residents to use as they like. For those in the Residential home, their laundry is carried out for them.

If you would like to hear more about accommodation within our Very Sheltered house, then feel free to Contact our team and we will get back to you as soon as someone is available.

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