glasgow double glazing

Our Experience With A Glasgow Double Glazing Company

This year, we used a Glasgow double glazing company to upgrade our old single glazed windows. We also invested in a new driveway and car park. It was time to make a few changes to our care home and it has been one of the best decisions we have made so far. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome, and our clients have also complimented the changes. We want to share our experience with you and what we learned from using a Glasgow double glazing company.

glasgow double glazing

Our Glasgow Double Glazing Company

We used a Glasgow double glazing company called Replace Windows Limited, and they helped us through the entire process, from choosing the windows to installation. They were extremely helpful and guided us through each step of the way. As replacing windows can be costly, for us, it was important to research and do things as cost-effectively as possible. That is why we used the Glasgow double glazing company that we did. As part of their service, they include the installation, which makes things cheaper overall. glasgow double glazing

How We Choose Our Company

When we first began researching we had no idea what to look for. It took a while for us to end up on the right track because we didn’t know what to prioritise, but we soon figured out that we needed to find the average costs of replacing windows. Therefore, we gathered a few quotes from reputable companies and that gave us an idea of what to expect. Once we had an average price, we began looking for other qualities such as the materials they use and the warranties they offer. For us, investing in a product that comes with a long term warranty was important, so we mostly based our decision mostly on that. The company that we chose offers an impressive ten-year guarantee. glasgow double glazing

So Far So Good

Our new windows keep the cold out better than the single glazed windows we had. If your care home has single glazing windows, we highly recommend an update. The insulating glass consists of two double glass window panes connected by a sealed space or air-filled cavity to prevent cold air from penetrating the interior. If you are worried about the pricing, then don’t be. It is possible to find a good Glasgow double glazing company that can install your windows cost-effectively. Just make sure to shop around first and gather as many quotes as you can. But, do not be tempted to just choose the cheapest option because your windows will be a long term investment, and when you pay more, you pay for quality.