At Abbeyfield Bognor Regis, our Residential house is the one which provides the highest amount of care between the two homes. Of course, the standard of care in both homes is equally as high, but our residents within the Residential home receive that little bit of extra care in their day to day.

This is the perfect home for elderly individuals who are experiencing reduced mobility and may not be able to carry out as many of their daily tasks as they perhaps may have done previously. This can include everything from cooking to washing your clothes.

Although more assistance is given to residents of this home, our services remain focussed on giving these individuals as much independence as well as companionship as is possible. Both lunch and dinner are served in our communal dining room, where the residents can socialise and have control over what activity they would like to do that day. Residents can also entertain guests in their rooms, whether it be other residents or family members visiting.

When it comes to facilities, the Residential home at Abbeyfield Bognor Regis has a incredibly high quality standard. For full details on the facilities which we have in our Residential home, you can see our full list of specifications below.

The Residential Home:

  • Offers 14 care rooms and 1 Respite room
  • Each suite of accommodation consists of a bedroom and a sitting rooms
  • 8 are en-suite, with toilet and washbasin.
  • 7 other rooms are also en-suite, having a bath or shower as well as the other facilities.
  • There are 2 other well-equipped aided bathrooms.
  • Serves meals for lunch and dinner in the communal dining room
  • Breakfast is prepared for the residents and is served in their personal room.
  • All personal care is administered by a Manager and trained carers
  • Volunteers or trained carers will take care of all other aspects of the residents’ needs, including laundry, dressing, and cleaning.

For residents coming into the home, we make sure that we complete a full background medical check to ensure that we are catering to each individual’s needs very exactly. This will range from person to person, and will include looking into their medication, doctors’ recommendations and previous health issues. We appreciate if residents or their family can give us as much insight into their health history to ensure we can provide the best care and routines to help keep residents in tip-top health.

If you would like to hear more about the process of applying for a room within our Residential home, then we recommend getting in Contact with the team here at Abbeyfield Bognor Regis.

There are various ways you can get in touch with us here, so just use whichever method is most convenient for you.

When contacting the team, please try to have as much information about the potential resident ready, along with a budget for care, so that we can more accurately give you tailored information for your family member. We can organise for your family member and yourselves to come into Abbeyfield Bognor Regis for a tour of our homes and a meeting with a Care Manager. Please phone to book an appointment if you are interested in this option.

Interested in what we have to offer?

Please contact our House Manager