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Our Electrician Glasgow Story

The coronavirus has meant a great deal of change and uncertainty to not just the country, but the whole world.  It has changed our everyday lives in so many ways, affecting everything from our exercise to our shopping, and everything in between.  We here at Abbeyfield have undergone a number of challenges during the coronavirus, from the expected to the unexpected.  We have had to take drastic measures to ensure the safety of our staff and of course our residents.  It seems that care homes are particularly vulnerable during the coronavirus outbreak, and the figures are showing an alarming number of people who contract the virus are in care homes.  On top of these safety measures, we also needed some electrical work done on our emergency alarm system, and managed to get the only electrician Glasgow had at the time to come down from Scotland.

electrician glasgow

The Last Electrician Glasgow Had

We had been in the middle of some important cleaning when our emergency alarm system went off.  Our team of nurses rushed to find where it was coming from, which is indicated by a light above the room that is calling it.  The problem was, none of the lights were going off, and after a full sweep of the care home, we found no alarm had been triggered.  This mean that there was a fault in the system, and it also meant that the alarm continued to go off for the next few hours.  The problem was, we couldn’t turn it off as then we would have no indication of an emergency, and leaving it on meant a horrible alarm that wouldn’t let us hear if a new alarm was triggered.  We had to keep an eye on all the lights the rest of the day to make sure that there were no problems, and we had to get a specialist electrician Glasgow had that was able to come the next day.

electrician glasgow

12 Hours Later

During the night we had managed to deactivate the siren while keeping the lights functional, which was far from ideal but allowed the staff and residents to get some peace and quiet.  The next day the specialist electrician arrived, and we were able to find out what had caused it.  Turns out it was something very technical and boring, but all we cared about was that it was fixed.  We thanked him for coming of short notice and during these troublesome times and he went on his way.

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Coronavirus Measures

The technician was very sympathetic to our situation and also took measures to ensure the safety of himself and of the residents.  The problems that were are facing because of the pandemic outbreak can all be made a little bit easier if everyone comes together to do their bit, whether this is staying at home or being careful when they are out and about.  Essential workers such as the electrician that visited us are doing great work, and they have to be especially careful if thy visit a high risk place such as ours.  We are pleased to report that so far we have not had any problems or cases at our care home.