Self Storage Kirkintilloch

How Self Storage Kirkintilloch Is Benefiting Abbey Field Care Home

We are thrilled to be announcing that Abbey Field Care Home is growing! Due to the success of our care home in Bognor Regis in West Sussex we are opening a second home in Scotland! We have had huge support from families residents and volunteers in our homes with many donating old furniture, televisions, bedding and kitchenware to help us in opening our new Scottish home. However in November 2018 the property we bought flooded during it’s refurbishment due to severe weather. Although the property was majority damaged on the bottom floor, the second floor only had minor issues. We got in touch with Self Storage Kirkintilloch who kindly allowed us to use their facilities and store the remaining donated goods that were unharmed. Here is our story on our move to Scotland.

Sunny Scotland

Self Storage Kirkintilloch There is a small town away from the hustle and bustle of Glasgow city centre but close enough to the gorgeous scenery of mountains and lochs – a place called Kirkintilloch (or Kirky more commonly known to locals). We decided this would be a great place to introduce our community to Scotland. The new property is located just 8 miles from Glasgow city centre with links to Edinburgh and Ayr – so not to far away from anything really for part time or day residents.

There is some gorgeous scenery, parks and coffee shops that our residents can go to for fun days out if they wanted. With 5 residential care home already in the north, east and south of England we thought we would take the jump up north to Scotland. With highly professional employees and trained physicians on hand 24/7 we know you relative will be extremely happy here. We have been rated one of the top care homes in the whole of the UK so please enquire to be one of the first in our new home.

The New Property

Self Storage Kirkintilloch

We have acquired a gorgeous two-story mansion in a quiet part of the town looking onto a large play park where locals take their dogs and children out walks. We have been lucky to gain the support of families of current residents, local charities and volunteers who have kindly donated some of their unused belongings. However after the severe flooding, Hassle Free Storage got in touch and offered their help. Luckily the property was just in the middle of refurbishment before residents moved but we have decided that this was out chance to completely re do the property. With brand new bedding and dinning sets we are excited to open our Scottish home for the first time to residents in September 2019.