garage conversions glasgow

Garage Conversions Glasgow Residents Are Choosing

Many elderly residents up in Scotland have been choosing a new way of living out their golden years. Instead of moving into a care home, many older people are choosing to opt to move into a recently converted garage or loft space to move into. This means that they can spend more time around their family as well as in an environment they are more comfortable with.

Garage Conversions Glasgow

Garage conversions in Glasgow have been quite popular in recent years, particularly in the UK where there are ever more people owning bigger and more expensive cars. It is also the case that Britain is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, making home conversions a popular option because they can be easily adapted to suit the existing layout. There are two types of garage conversion – flat roof and gable fronted garage conversions. The former uses separate roofs for internal access and the latter has a flat roof with additional gables which provide external access. Flat roof garages allow you to make better use of any available space and have the advantage that you can build it all from the same start, whereas a gable fronted garage requires building from the start from a different angle, providing opportunities for different design features to be incorporated into the construction process. The garage is designed to house the car and is not a storage facility, although the two may often overlap.

garage conversions glasgow

The Logistics

The majority of garage conversions in the UK take the form of additions to already existing buildings and as such require planning permission. This is usually obtained from the local council who will often grant planning permission for larger projects if they include at least three hundred square feet of open space on the premises. Permits can also be obtained to add on to existing homes and most garages are capable of being added on to already existing homes. These permits are however subject to availability and sometimes can take a long time to acquire.


Getting Older With Grace

One of the reasons that many people don’t like the idea of moving into a care is the fact that they are usually disconnected and feel very alone. The great thing about having your older relatives move into a converted part of your home is that you can still see them on a regular basis, and they can can still be given the correct level of care. This way they can live out their final years in comfort and grace.