Exercises For Those With Limited Mobility

Those suffering with mobility issues should not be limited to no exercise. Our bodies need exercise to survive and work the way it should. As we age, our body becomes weaker and more fragile if we do not look after it. Many people who may be limited with their mobility, are more than capable of partaking in some form of exercises each week that keeps them healthy and strong. Here are three different types of exercise to consider:




Taking care of your heart is vital for everyone but especially if you suffer with limited mobility. Your heart needs some sort of exercise and movement in order to operate and keep blood pumping through your body. To keep your cardiovascular health in check, you can:


  • Daily walk – short walks every day are a great way of strengthening your muscles, improving your mental health and caring for your heart
  • Dancing – low intensity dance classes can be used by people who struggle with mobility. It gets your body moving and your heart pumping in a slow, safe and effective way.
  • Water aerobics – Many people enjoy sports or exercises in water as it provides more support for the body and reduces the risk of joint and muscle pain.

Building Strength


It is vital to keep your strength up when your mobility is limited. If your mobility issues concern your lower body, you should focus on using weights. If your issues concern your upper body, you should focus on training your legs and core. Building strength makes you look and feel fitter. It has been proven to increase mood and is a great way of building back muscle that you may have lost.




Staying flexible can decrease your risk of pain such as joint, muscle and hip pain. It can also prevent injuries from occurring in the future. Exercises such as stretches are easy, quick, and effective to improve your flexibility. Even if you suffer with low mobility in your legs, you should be encouraged to keep exercising them in ways which are possible to prevent any further damage, injury and pain.


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