Diet Recommendations For Seniors


As you age, your bones are at risk of becoming weak and fragile, which is known as osteoporosis. Your body needs enough calcium to absorb in order to keep bones strong and healthy. This will allow you to achieve better mobility and strength. You can find calcium in milk, yogurt, and cheese.



There is a risk of losing weight as you age, which can place you in an unhealthy BMI range. Your body should be a healthy weight for your age and height in order to function properly and this can also avoid further health issues. Foods that are high in saturated fats can include meat, cream, chocolate, pastries etc.


With age, you may also be at risk of your digestive system weakening. This can affect bowel movements, and when this occurs you may experience some stomach pain, bloating and gas. To maintain a healthy digestive system, you should consume more wholegrain cereal, porridge, bread, and fresh fruit.



It is common for seniors to suffer from dehydration which can affect their health condition. It is vital to consistently be consuming enough fluids like water, tea, fruit juice etc. This helps the body stay hydrated and healthy.

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