The Secret to a Long and Happy Life

If you are searching for the secret to a long and happy life, we got you covered. It may seem a bit difficult to understand, but it can be done. The main key is to learn how to free yourself from worldly desires and worries. By doing so, you will experience a sense of selflessness and humanitarianism. Not only will you achieve a deeper sense of satisfaction, but you will also lower your blood pressure and reduce your stress levels. By doing good deeds, you will feel satisfied and excited about life.

Developing a strong support system is essential for long and healthy life. A strong sense of community can help manage stress and encourage exercise. Friends and family can also help motivate people to get out of the house and be active. It is important to have a sense of purpose and meaning in life, as it helps build a sense of self. And remember to remain curious about new things. A childlike sense of curiosity is an important aspect of leaving a long and happy life.

Marriage satisfaction is also crucial to long life. One study found that people who were happy with their spouses in their 80s were healthier mentally than their peers in unhappy marriages. They also tended to avoid alcohol and smoking. Furthermore, people with strong social networks showed less mental decline than those without such a support system.

The Japanese are known for their long life. They have a philosophy called Ikigai, which translates to “reason to live”. Although this concept was first mentioned during the Heian period (794-1185), it has gained much more recognition in recent decades. Several Okinawans, including a 102-year-old woman, cite their Ikigai as being held by her great-great-granddaughter. One even cites martial arts as one of her Ikigai.

The secrets of happy living can be found in the way people in remote areas of the world live. These people practise gratitude every day for all the gifts they receive in life. Gratitude helps us see more things in life and lessens our feelings of sadness, anxiety, and depression. But most importantly, gratitude makes us happy! So, if you want to live a long and happy life, try cultivating gratitude.

Current UK Travel Guidance For Vaccinated And Unvaccinated Passengers


The UK’s vaccine rollout has been a huge success in preventing and lowering hospital admissions due to covid-19, as well as decreasing the risk of infection from person to person. Through the vaccine rollout, the UK has managed to protect the elderly and the most vulnerable from the virus.

As restrictions continue to ease, the travel industry is slowly but surely getting back on its feet to welcome travellers and tourists from all around the world. With vaccinated and unvaccinated passengers eager to get back on their holidays, visit loved ones and explore, it is important to know the current UK travel guidance that is in place to ensure you have a smooth-sailing vacation.

What Does ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Mean?


In England, at the moment, the term ‘fully vaccinated’ applies to those who have had 2 doses of a two-dose vaccine or those who have had their jab of a one-dose vaccine such as the Janssen vaccine. However, in Scotland to be considered fully vaccinated you must have had a booster if your first dose was more than 120 days ago.

It is vital to check the specific country’s rules on vaccines before travelling as they are varied like Scotland and England for example.


Travel Guidance For Fully Vaccinated Passengers


Throughout the UK, if you are a fully vaccinated passenger, you must complete a passenger locator form which is used to contact the person if someone they are travelling with tests positive. However, being vaccinated will mean that you are not expected to take any COVID tests before you arrive in the UK (this includes lateral flows and PCR’s). You are also not required to quarantine; however, you will be expected to show verified proof of vaccinated status.


Travel Guidance For Unvaccinated Passengers


Unvaccinated travellers are still welcome to the UK, however there are some measures that have to be met and followed before and after arrival. For example, if you are travelling to Croydon, London as an unvaccinated passenger, you must complete a passenger locator form and take a covid travel test 2 days before you plan to fly. Remember to include your PCR booking reference on your locator form. After you arrive you would be expected to pay for a day 2 PCR test Croydon to ensure you are still uninfected.

Are There Plans To Scrap Travel Restrictions?


At the moment, the government has not made any mention of changing, adding or taking away any of the current travel measures that are in place. However, it has been mentioned that they may plan to add a booster jab to covid passports as further vaccination proof.

However, it is important to note that regulations change quickly and can happen at any time which is why it is crucial to keep up to date with government advice, especially if you are planning to travel.




The process of travelling may look different for vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers, and the guidance can change swiftly. However, every change over recent week has been a step in the right direction to encourage a more ‘normal’ way of living with the virus. With the travel industry eager to get passengers back on board, tourists are just as hopeful. Ensure to always check what the covid situation is like in the country you plan to visit, to keep yourself and others around you safe. Always plan ahead before travelling and be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.


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Abbeyfield Chose Edinburgh Upholsterers For Their Furniture

The role of an Upholsterer is varied and exciting. The job description of this position is important because it must explain the work involved in the job. A successful upholstery worker must be able to understand the needs of the customer and make recommendations accordingly. They must also be able to communicate effectively with supervisors and peers. They must be able to listen to the customers’ requirements. Some workers may have to work alone while others may be part of a team doing piece work.  We used Edinburgh upholsterers for Abbeyfield to rejuvenate and improve our existing furniture.

How The Upholstery Process Was Managed For Us

After measuring and designing a piece of furniture, the upholsterer cut the material according to the design specifications. They used hand tools to measure the material and create patterns for the covering. They will also applied adhesives to the cut material to prevent unravelling. Once the new covering material was cut, an upholsterer used hand tools to stitch the fabric to the furniture. In this profession its vital that employees have good hand and eye coordination, and they should be able to move around for long periods of time.

A good upholsterer can be flexible, depending on the type of work. They will be able to accommodate the customer’s needs and give him a quote based on the specifics of his project. Most of the time, upholsterers offer free quotes based on the details of the project. The time it takes to complete a job will depend on the size and complexity of the project. The average turnaround time for a project will depend on the type of work involved and the type of materials used.

What The Upholsterers In Edinburgh Achieve

An upholsterer will assess the needs of a client and then decide on the best material for the project. They may also use hand tools to stitch the fabric. They will also measure the furniture pieces and determine how much the job will cost. They will apply padding and other materials to the pieces of furniture. A good upholsterer will use a measuring tape to make sure the job is completed within a set time limit. And they’ll use a needle and thread to make the upholstery look its best.

Some upholsterers specialize in restoring the upholstery of an automobile, but some of them may also work in the home to restore a sofa. They can work with various materials and techniques to create beautiful pieces of furniture. They may work in a small business or independently. The duties of an upholster vary from upholstering seats to covering doors. They must follow building codes and choose fabrics that suit the style of the building. They may take orders and perform the necessary work.

An upholster may work with an interior designer. An upholsterer must be familiar with various fabrics and finishes, and may also collaborate with an interior designer. Often, upholsterers work directly with customers or with interior designers. Regardless of the type of work they do, they must be able to maintain detailed records of the time they spend on each job. In addition to their personal lives, they are likely to work with clients in a variety of settings.

Benefits of International Trade

International trade amongst various nations is actually not a new idea. In fact, history shows that over the years there have been many instances of cross-cultural interaction. traders used to regularly transport spices, and silk through the famous Silk Route in the early 14th century. This eventually developed into the modern world of global trade when traders started using the ocean cargo routes as well as local caravan routes to move their goods across the globe. Today, when we talk about the benefits of international trade, this part of world trade still plays an important role.

How Does Trade Work?

How does international trade benefit us? First of all, it helps us to gain access to a variety of products which otherwise may not be available in local markets. For example, if a domestic textile factory needs imported machinery to produce cotton, it would be impossible for them to access it at their own factory. However, by shipping the machinery manufactured in a foreign nation to their factory, they can easily make use of that machinery and thus increase the rate of production. Similarly, the same can be applied to other types of domestic productions like steel pipes or cement. Thus by accessing these products from abroad, they are able to reduce the burden on their domestic industries and so they experience a boost in their overall production.

On another aspect, competition between countries also makes for a better and more stable economy. Consider a scenario like that of a rice producer in China. Given the relative abundance of rice in the marketplace, there is a substantial risk that he could get undercut by a domestic producer who has access to far more resources. Given this, the Chinese government has made efforts to encourage more producers to specialize in rice and thereby reduce the competition.

Who Benefits From Global Trade?

What are the other benefits of this trade? Well, first of all, it brings about a lot of investment in terms of finance, infrastructure and other modernizations. More importantly, it contributes to a stronger national economy. Exports lead to domestic job creation. As more domestic industries develop, there is a need to create more jobs in order to keep up with the rapid pace of labor growth. Ultimately, imports lead to a rise in income because exports provide for higher salaries.

Further Points

Moreover, tariffs also have a downside. Tariffs limit the freedom of international companies to do what they want to do. If they feel like it, they can still ship their goods where ever they want. Moreover, given the large amount of goods which are traded every day between the US and China alone, the US does not really have an advantage if it insists on imposing high tariffs on Chinese imports and so on.


Still, protectionism has its place. For instance, some economists argue against the introduction of protective tariffs on Chinese imports because doing so will lead to a decline in manufacturing output and a drop in wages. On the other hand, if we look at the positive effects of protectionism, then it turns out that it’s a very important aspect. It helps maintain a certain level of comparative advantage and it can foster growth, investment and development.

double glazing

Windows Glasgow Are Ideal For Chilly Nursing Homes

Fitting double glazing to your existing home windows Glasgow is a no brainer. Especially in cold and stormy Scotland, where the winters are cold and windy and usually enough to make you feel the cold even in the comfort of your own home.
windows glasgow

Windows Glasgow Needs For The Winter

Windows Glasgow can be found all around this major city retrofitting old tenement flat windows with nice shiny new double glazed windows with state of the art surrounds that look great and work with the double glazing to keep heat in. The windows themselves work to keep the heat from escaping through the pane of glass, and the surrounds contain high-performance insulation materials that seal the window to the exterior and interior of the house to maximise their efficiency.

windows glasgow

Long-Lasting Quality

Another major attraction for fitting new double glazing is the future maintenance costs drop dramatically when compared to the existing single glazing windows with wooden surrounds. With the wooden surrounds, they must be painted and eventually the elements break down this paint coating and they inevitably have to be painted again. With new PVC surrounds, this is not a factor, and the pvc window frames will usually last a lifetime.

windows glasgow

How Do Double Glazing Windows Glasgow Work?

Double glazed windows Glasgow work by having two panes of glass in close proximity with each other with a small air gap in between. This small air gap works as a heat insulator, essentially reducing the heat conductivity from outside the house and inside the house. This is because air is a poor conductor of heat, so it basically acts as a buffer for the outside and inside air temperature.

Benefits Inside And Out

There are further benefits to be had from double glazing, outside of just keeping your house warmer. By default, double glazed windows are an excellent noise suppressor, and will therefore reduce noise from the outside world. This becomes very attractive if you live near a road or airport for example, and have constant noise pollution that can be heard inside.

nursing home

Great For Nursing Homes

For a facility like a nursing home, we can see that there are numerous benefits to be had simply by switching to double glazed windows. For one, the increased efficiency of trapping heat and keeping the rooms warmer is ideal for older residents who might feel the cold. Long term, this will drastically reduce the amount of money spent on heating the care home, due to the increased efficiency that the windows Glasgow offer. The other major benefit is the ability that double glazing has to dull down noise pollution from outside. For elderly residents and those suffering from serious illnesses, this can seriously improve their quality of life. Loud persistent noise is enough to drive anyone crazy, but for elderly people in care this can really make their everyday life more of a struggle than it needs to be.

windows glasgow

Happy People All Round

Double glazed windows are a simple improvement to an existing care home facility that can bring about numerous benefits to the staff, residents and even management. They can keep residents warm and cosy during the harsh winter months and might even let them enjoy a better nights sleep, which all translates into happier residents and happier staff.

Self Storage Kirkintilloch

How Self Storage Kirkintilloch Is Benefiting Abbey Field Care Home

We are thrilled to be announcing that Abbey Field Care Home is growing! Due to the success of our care home in Bognor Regis in West Sussex we are opening a second home in Scotland! We have had huge support from families residents and volunteers in our homes with many donating old furniture, televisions, bedding and kitchenware to help us in opening our new Scottish home. However in November 2018 the property we bought flooded during it’s refurbishment due to severe weather. Although the property was majority damaged on the bottom floor, the second floor only had minor issues. We got in touch with Self Storage Kirkintilloch who kindly allowed us to use their facilities and store the remaining donated goods that were unharmed. Here is our story on our move to Scotland.

Sunny Scotland

Self Storage Kirkintilloch There is a small town away from the hustle and bustle of Glasgow city centre but close enough to the gorgeous scenery of mountains and lochs – a place called Kirkintilloch (or Kirky more commonly known to locals). We decided this would be a great place to introduce our community to Scotland. The new property is located just 8 miles from Glasgow city centre with links to Edinburgh and Ayr – so not to far away from anything really for part time or day residents.

There is some gorgeous scenery, parks and coffee shops that our residents can go to for fun days out if they wanted. With 5 residential care home already in the north, east and south of England we thought we would take the jump up north to Scotland. With highly professional employees and trained physicians on hand 24/7 we know you relative will be extremely happy here. We have been rated one of the top care homes in the whole of the UK so please enquire to be one of the first in our new home.

The New Property

Self Storage Kirkintilloch

We have acquired a gorgeous two-story mansion in a quiet part of the town looking onto a large play park where locals take their dogs and children out walks. We have been lucky to gain the support of families of current residents, local charities and volunteers who have kindly donated some of their unused belongings. However after the severe flooding, Hassle Free Storage got in touch and offered their help. Luckily the property was just in the middle of refurbishment before residents moved but we have decided that this was out chance to completely re do the property. With brand new bedding and dinning sets we are excited to open our Scottish home for the first time to residents in September 2019.