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Things To Do To Sell A House Quickly

If you are looking to sell a house quickly, there are several key things to do to enhance your home and make it stand out before placing it on the market. The housing marking can be a tough place to sell your home, with a lot of paperwork and hurdles to clear before a sale can be finalised. We want to give homeowners some top tips so that they can make their home as presentable as possible in order to get as fast a sale as possible. Some houses remain unsold on the housing market for as long as a year, which is a very long time to wait, especially if you are trying to move into a new house.

sell a house quickly


Sell A House Quickly – Top Tips

1. Wash the walls – The walls should look and smell clean. Wash the walls with a good quality, neutral washing solution like a soft detergent or water and lemon.

2. Clean the windows – Both the outside and the inside of the windows must be clean and spotless, as this is something that most homeowners look at. Make sure you also do the frames and the surrounds, and if there is any damage to the windows or the frames it is recommended that this is taken care of.

sell a house quickly

3. Use an online service – You can sell a house quickly with an online buyer, since they buy almost every home on the market regardless of condition, it is one of the quickest ways to get a hassle free sale. There are several out there to choose from, so make sure you look around and compare the different companies.

4. Clean the carpets professionally – Get a professional carpet cleaning service to clean your carpets thoroughly. You can also hire a carpet cleaning machine and do it yourself. After years of living in a house, the carpets generally become dirty and full of dust and dirt. Only after cleaning will you be able to see the difference in the carpet.

5. Check the heating system – It is important that all parts of the heating system work as they should, as this can be a big turn off for buyer, especially if you live in a cold climate.


Check The Exterior

6. Check the exterior – Check the guttering, roof, exterior walls and the pipes to make sure there are no leaks or damage to these systems. If there is any obvious staining on the outside of the house it can look bad to potential buyers.

7. Clean the garden – The garden area will likely be the first area that people see, so make sure it is presentable and welcoming. Start by mowing lawns, weeding any overgrown areas and tidying up the entrance area. You do not have to have a beautiful garden with lots of flowers, just a neat outdoor area that does not look overgrown.

8. Check the drains – Make sure there are no exterior drains that are blocked as these can become smelly and unsightly and could be enough to turn away any potential buyers.

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Nutrition And Vitality Within Care Homes

At Abbeyfield Bognor we pride ourselves at providing the best care for our residents that we can give. We do this through ensuring there are a variety of different activities for them to do throughout the day as well as making sure that they have a healthy lifestyle during their stay at our care home. In order to facilitate this we believe that there are a number of important practices that need to be followed to ensure residents are happy and healthy. Nutrition and vitality is key to achieving this.

Exercise And Wellbeing

In order for residents to remain healthy and fit we believe that there should be the option for residents to get involved in sports and team based games to help keep them active. Often we encounter residents who have been previously bed ridden for years and have had very little movement or exercise to keep them or their bodies engaged. We have found through organising specially tailored and less stringent exercises/group exercise that people have a new lease of life through exercise. We believe the importance of this cannot be understated and would encourage others to take the initiative. It has been proven through several studies that even short walks each day can help improve someones mental health as well as their overall fitness levels.  Fitness and exercises are completely optional but we do encourage all residents to take part in activities. 

Nutrition And Diet

Nutrition and diet are both key areas for us at Abbeyfield Bognor. We believe that a balanced and nutritious diet is key to our residents staying fit and healthy, in order to achieve this we provide them with balanced meals with a range of fruits , vegetables and other food products such as dairy which hold valuable nutrients and help overall vitality. Unfortunately many care homes across the UK fail to provide such balanced and nourishing meals and this can ultimately lead to digestion problems , lack of energy and important vitamins that are needed . This is a direct result of trying to cut costs in an ever more competitive industry. 

Mental Wellbeing

As previously mentioned Mental Well being is a very important factor that we believe should be incorporated into the care of Residents in a care home. Lack of activity and structure to an individuals day can lead to a multiple mental health conditions including but not limited to : Depression , anxiety , loneliness , Stress, Irritability and hopelessness. In addition to this existing condition such as Dementia can be made worse by lack of activity and interaction. In any case it is clear from studies around the world that having a form of routine coupled with activities can help to  greatly reduce the effects of these conditions.


CDISC SDTM All You Need To Know

Healthcare plays an invaluable role in our society and is made up of a number of different roles and functions coming together to care from the nation. From emergency care to elderly and disabled care. In this blog we are going to explore the impact clinical trials can have on healthcare and how they can benefit us all.  CDISC SDTM also known as the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium and the Study Data Tabulation Module are both important tools that are used in the US to benefit healthcare which we will explore in this guide.


What Are Clinical Trials And How Does CDISC SDTM Apply To Them

Clinical Trials are forms of medical research that are organised by a variety of different groups from crowdfunded think tanks to universities and charity funded independent work. Clinical trials can often vary in what objectives and outcomes are but ultimately the main goal of most trials is to further medical research and help aid treatment. Common clinical trials may research illnesses such as cancer or malaria which are deadly and need more solutions. In the US CDISC SDTM play an important role amongst Clinical Trials as anyone conducting trials must follow their guidelines.  Clinical Trials can take a number of different forms and can run up costs in millions depending on the scale of the trials and the equipment and participants required to undertake it.




CDISC SDTM come hand in hand when it comes to clinical trials in the United States as both have factors that intertwine and effect each other. Here are some of the key attributes of both:

  • CDISC- The Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium is a group that was formed to ensure that data is recorded accurately to improve overall standards of data
  • CDISC- Can be divided into two separate main forms: data models and concept models. Data models vary from concept models as they are made up of data or meta-data. They define how something may be described. Content models in contrast define what is allowed within a dataset.
  • SDTM- The Study Data Tabulation Module is a guide that sets out a structure for clinical data trials. SDTM can be described as a branch of CDISC as it helps to enable its guidelines.
  • SDTM- Is made up of two main factors/standards – the core model defines a number of different factors that can be affected by different variables. The second factor also known as known as the implementation guide defines a set of standard domains. A domain is essentially an observation that has been made during our outwith the trial which related to the trial.

Advantages Of SDTM

  • Data is more accurate and effective between studies so this means that there are less mistakes made and less time needs to be spent on study helping to free up resources elsewhere
  • There is a global community online which can help provide support in relation to any questions or queries you may have
  • SDTM can help make cross platform data interchange much easier

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List of Some of the Best Care Homes for Elderly People in the UK

If you have a friend or family member over the age of 65 and they need some help getting things done around their house it may be beneficial for them to move into a care home. This means your loved ones will be able to get help from staff members throughout the day any time they need it. Care homes can help you to be able to get on with daily life. This is because you will not have to make sure you can help people to do things as regularly. It also helps you to stop worrying as much because in a home for elderly people, you know they will be getting the help they need. There are many care homes across the UK, some of the best care homes are:

• Clarence Court Care Home, Glasgow
• Hill House Care Home, London
• Abbeyfield Bognor Regis Society Ltd, West Sussex

Best Care homes in Glasgow Clarence Court

This care home is one of the best care homes in Glasgow. Clarence Court offers a great range of care services ranging from nursing care to residential care and respite care. With nursing care, you can be assured that your loved ones who need more specialised help will have round the clock service to ensure they have everything they need. Residential care involves friendly staff helping occupants with tasks throughout the day. They also make sure everyone has what they need and will go out of their way to ensure they can provide reliable help. If you are a full-time resident or temporary you will be made to feel right at home either way to make your stay as welcome as possible.

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Hill House Care Homes in London

Another one of the best care homes is the Hill House in London. Much like Clarence Court, Hill House offers services to help those with more serious health problems. This care home also offers services for respite residents who need help for a short amount of time, for instance, if they have just come out of the hospital and need some extra care.

best care homes for elderly room with decorations chair and shelfs

Abbeyfield Bognor Regis Society Ltd, West Sussex

Abbeyfield Bognor also offers the same services as the other care homes previously mentioned. This organisation has 4 locations across West Sussex. Some of the locations have 2 homes providing accommodation for elderly people with many health conditions.