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Levels Of Care Within A Nursing Home

Any person, whether they are suffering from an illness or in the later stages of their life, needs care that is unique to them. There is no one size fits all approach with it come to caring for an individual, as everyone is different and everyone needs special consideration.

The problem is many people have the impression that care homes have a standard approach when it comes to caring for their residents, and that the service is not personalised in any way shape or form. This is simply not true, and most well-managed care homes have varying degrees of care and attention that they offer to their residents.

Some residents may be very independent and can go about their day to day life with minimal help from the care centre staff and be perfectly content. On the other hand, some residents may need a high level of care in order for them to be comfortable, and their levels of independence could be considerably lower than that of the other residents.

A lot of the time the level of care that a patient requires could change over time. For example, someone might spend a few years in a care home and in that time they could slow down and might require a little bit more help getting around and going about their day. The truth is care staff are very well aware of this and see it all the time, which is why are usually prepared in case someone takes a turn for the worst.

Most nursing homes have around three or four levels of care that they provide, ranging from basic and introductory care, all the way up to skilled nursing care for those residents that need full-time care that revolves around any medical illnesses that they may have.


Transfer Film To Digital For Old People

Deciding to transfer film to digital within care homes can prove immensely impactful on the overall experience which elderly people have in the home. It is crucial that people are able to be provided with the best level of service which they possibly can when they are at their weakest as they age. Elderly people’s will spend an extremely substantial amount of their time when they are in their home watching the television. As a result, being able to provide them with the best quality experience which they can get when relaxing can greatly enhance their overall experience. Making this transfer may be a simple thing for the care home, but for its occupants it could potentially be life changing.

transfer film to digital

Transfer Film To Digital

The overall process of transfer film to digital may prove particularly time consuming for care homes. The steps which need to be undertaken to make this change can prove very disruptive to people’s overall experience in the short time. Having large numbers of workmen about the care home as the property makes the transition can prove disruptive. Unfortunately, workmen naturally make quite a large amount of noise so this may prove to be disruptive. If this work disturbs the normally tranquil setting of the care home this may see numerous complaints roll in from concerned family members.

transfer film to digital


It is crucial that concerned family members appreciate that the work within the care home will only be undertaken for a very short period of time. The rewards of the move to digital will be evident for all to see once completed. Unfortunately, there is a period of time when the normal peace of the care home may be disrupted as the change is implemented. However, there can be no question that the care home members will be extremely appreciative of the much better cinematic experience they are able to have once the work is completed.

transfer film to digital

Cinematic Experience

Television screens have now advanced to a level which allows people to connect surround sound speakers to what is happening on the screen. Care homes who are able to invest a little bit more of their budget to getting speakers linked up to the screens are able to provide their elderly people with essentially a trip to the cinema every time they go to watch the television. For elderly people who will not be used to these technological advancements, it is likely that they will be overjoyed at such an experience.

transfer film to digital

Selling Power

Being capable of offering people a unique service offering when using your care home can prove an immense selling point. Many elderly people love being able to watch their favourite television shows on quality televisions and modern care homes can provide exactly that. So long as these elderly people receive this element throughout their stay at the care home it is likely they will ultimately be extremely satisfied with the overall experience they are receiving at the care home. This will then be articulated to their family which can prove incredibly useful for them to know that their loved one is enjoying their stay.

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Double Glazed Windows Glasgow Can Help Care Homes

Improving the appearance of your property can prove immensely problematic for considerable amounts of people. Regularly people will under appreciate the importance of their company being able to adjust the aesthetics of their home. In order to be capable of enhancing the quality of clients which your business possesses it is vital that the offices which your firm operates within looks aesthetically pleasing. Failure to fully appreciate the importance of your company being able to drastically improve the way that the company looks is vital. Double glazed windows Glasgow can prove very problematic for companies who fail to appreciate the importance of their company doing so.

Double Glazed Windows Glasgow

Double Glazed Windows Glasgow

Introducing a double glazed windows Glasgow company can prove immensely important in the long term for your company. Potential clients can regularly fail to appreciate the immense importance of clients being met with the best possible work conditions. First impressions are crucial in order for businesses to be able to create the best first impression they possibly can. Companies will often undervalue the importance of their company having their meeting conditions in the most immaculate condition that it can. Potential consumers will easily be put off using companies if their working conditions look unorganised and unclean.

Double Glazed Windows Glasgow


Having your workplace in the best possible condition can prove imperative not only to closing out deals but also to improving your workplace’s vibes. Businesses can regularly underestimate the importance of their employees being met with the best possible working conditions. Employees must have the best possible working conditions in order to fulfil their potential as employees. Employees expect to receive a welcoming work environment which is designed to target their productivity. Communication in the workplace is imperative in order to achieve the best levels of productivity that they possibly can.

Double Glazed Windows Glasgow


Firms being capable of communicating effectively stand to receive much more success in the long term for businesses. Employees having clean workspaces where people are able to discuss their job roles can prove imperative to them improving upon their service offering. Employees can easily fail to enhance their performance by not communicating clearly with each other. Companies which provide a platform for employees to discuss job roles can prove immensely important for businesses to be able to grow further. Regularly businesses will undervalue the importance of their firm being able to offer employees clear communication channels.

Double Glazed Windows Glasgow

Developing Offering

Businesses can often lose sight of the incredible importance of their firm being able to improve communication channels. Businesses will often undervalue the importance of communication. Companies will often see employees as not earning their money if they fail to constantly perform their working activities and are sitting around chatting. However, chat can prove immensely useful in the long term for companies if utilised efficiently. Not only will it greatly enhance team bonding and make everyone feel more of an attachment to one another the quality of output will increase. Effective communication is often one of the most important aspects of bettering a company.

Woodworm Glasgow

The Dangers Of Woodworm Glasgow

Woodworm Glasgow

What Is Woodworm?

Woodworm Glasgow is a small wood-eating insect, a common name for the larvae stage of wood boring beetles. You may find woodworm in your property from early spring to mid-autumn. Property owners tend to only find the woodworm once the infestation has occurred. The woodworm is really difficult to see but once an infestation has occurred, you will see holes in the wood as well as wood dust.

How To Treat Woodworm

It can be difficult to know if the infestation active due to the beetles being elusive, however this is when woodworm treatment is best done. The correct chemical treatment must be given to the infected piece of timber. A water based fluid is given to the surface of the wood which is designed to target the beetles.

Unfortunately some wood structures may be so badly damaged that they are no longer treatable. Experts will then come in and remove the old timber while replacing it with brand new, larvae-free wood.

Woodworm Glasgow

As woodworm has a 3-year life cycle, timber, furniture or timber products bought containing a woodworm infestation, may not manifest itself until years after the timber has been brought to your property. Infestation can be tackled by the application of a residual insecticide to infected areas. This is a chemical product and should be applied only by professional woodworm treatment contractors. If you are trying to tackle the infection alone, simple aerosol insecticide sprays will generally not eliminate the infestation. Our Technicians are trained and qualified in the safe use of chemicals to eradicate woodworm from your property.

Woodworm Glasgow

How To Prevent Woodworm Glasgow

  • Make sure your timber wood is ventilated properly and keep humidity levels low as much as possible – avoiding damp conditions
  • If the infestation has already occurred, removed the infected area if possible to avoid it spreading
Woodworm Glasgow
Care Homes Policies And Procedures

Care Home Policies And Procedures

Within any care environment it is fundamentally important that care homes have Care Home Policies And Procedures in place to make sure they are prepared to respond to events and also have policies in place to deal with more complex incidents or general issues. Policies And Procedures are essential and required by law to ensure that care home has a set of fundamental principles that it can follow and make available to anyone inquiring about the home.

Examples Of Care Home Policies And Procedures

  • Visitor and Family Policy- Care homes should by default have a policy in place in order to be prepared for visitors and residents family members to visit residents in the care home. It is important therefore for there to be clear guidelines in place as to when visits can take place , how long for and what areas of the care home visitors can access. Furthermore in order to maintain security and safety of residents checks may need to be done to confirm visitors identity
  • Data Protection- This is another key policy that may be put in place to ensure that patients and staff’s data is protected and only accessed by those who have specific prior authorisation to do so. Data protection is an extremely important issue as it covered by government legislation any form of data breach can have serious repercussions
  • Health And Safety- Health And Safety Guidelines are a legal requirement and without these any care home risks getting shut down. The reason Health and Safety Guidelines are in place to is to prevent death or injury and ensure optimum health and safety for those within the care home

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How To Keep Staff Up To Date With Care Home Policies And Procedures

Within the Care environment it is very important that all staff have a role to play and fully understand the Policies and Procedures that they need to abide by when working in the care home. In order to keep staff up to date with the Policies and Procedures that are in place monthly or two weekly staff training can greatly benefit employees. By doing this and incorporating it into team based activities the management of care homes can keep staff engaged and motivated whilst simultaneously adhering to guidelines.

Making People Aware Of  Policies And Procedures

In order for Policies and Procedures to be followed it is key that the Policies and Procedures are appropriately displayed/advertised. This can be done by publishing them on the Care Home’s website or alternatively by sending a copy of the Policies to those who make enquiries online.  Physical copies of Policies and Procedures should be available on demand from staff within the Care Home as well via a physical copy.

General Observations

Overall it can be concluded that Policies and Procedures for Care Homes play an integral role in any Care Home. Sound knowledge of these can make a big difference. People who visit Care Homes with  a detailed policy and procedure list protecting staff and residents is more likely to appeal to those looking to move their loved ones into care.

Care Home Policies And Procedures

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Nutrition And Vitality Within Care Homes

At Abbeyfield Bognor we pride ourselves at providing the best care for our residents that we can give. We do this through ensuring there are a variety of different activities for them to do throughout the day as well as making sure that they have a healthy lifestyle during their stay at our care home. In order to facilitate this we believe that there are a number of important practices that need to be followed to ensure residents are happy and healthy. Nutrition and vitality is key to achieving this.

Exercise And Wellbeing

In order for residents to remain healthy and fit we believe that there should be the option for residents to get involved in sports and team based games to help keep them active. Often we encounter residents who have been previously bed ridden for years and have had very little movement or exercise to keep them or their bodies engaged. We have found through organising specially tailored and less stringent exercises/group exercise that people have a new lease of life through exercise. We believe the importance of this cannot be understated and would encourage others to take the initiative. It has been proven through several studies that even short walks each day can help improve someones mental health as well as their overall fitness levels.  Fitness and exercises are completely optional but we do encourage all residents to take part in activities. 

Nutrition And Diet

Nutrition and diet are both key areas for us at Abbeyfield Bognor. We believe that a balanced and nutritious diet is key to our residents staying fit and healthy, in order to achieve this we provide them with balanced meals with a range of fruits , vegetables and other food products such as dairy which hold valuable nutrients and help overall vitality. Unfortunately many care homes across the UK fail to provide such balanced and nourishing meals and this can ultimately lead to digestion problems , lack of energy and important vitamins that are needed . This is a direct result of trying to cut costs in an ever more competitive industry. 

Mental Wellbeing

As previously mentioned Mental Well being is a very important factor that we believe should be incorporated into the care of Residents in a care home. Lack of activity and structure to an individuals day can lead to a multiple mental health conditions including but not limited to : Depression , anxiety , loneliness , Stress, Irritability and hopelessness. In addition to this existing condition such as Dementia can be made worse by lack of activity and interaction. In any case it is clear from studies around the world that having a form of routine coupled with activities can help to  greatly reduce the effects of these conditions.

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What Type of Care You Can Receive at the Abbeyfield Bognor

Since there are so many care homes all over the UK there is a range of services that you can expect from each home. When you are choosing a care home for your own needs or for a loved one it is important that you find the right home with the facilities that are needed. At Abbeyfield Bognor, we pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of services so that many people can call our home their own. The care we provide at Abbeyfield Bognor includes the following:

  • 24-hour care
  • Accommodation
  • Friendly staff
  • Facilities

elderly people from care home out a walk sitting on a bench next to statue

24-hour Care Services at Abbeyfield Bognor


If you are over the age of 65 a care home may be the best help for you if you rely on others to help you. At Abbeyfield Bognor, both our volunteers and professional carers are willing to help you no matter what the task may be. At this home, you or your loved one will have access to 24-hour care which is great for those who are dependent on others to help them at all times of the day.




Since 1956, Abbeyfield Bognor has been part of the Abbeyfield community which is a nationwide charity. There are many opportunities for you to become a resident at one of our many homes because we have over 800 sheltered houses and 80 care homes on offer across the UK for you to choose from.


Friendly Staff


When you are living in a home, it is important that you are made to feel as welcome as possible. Staff at Abbeyfield Bognor are well known for their friendly and approachable appearance that they provide to everyone. The staff at this care home will never make you feel like you are asking them to do too much for you and they will go above and beyond to give you the help that you require.

elderly lady in care home using technology for activities card game

Facilities at Abbeyfield Bognor


At Abbeyfield Bognor, you will be spoiled for choice on what you want to do each day. This is because we offer a wide range of activities for you to take part in each day. From exercise activities to group activities, you will always have something to do with your day at this care home. Either if it is taking part in activities as previously mentioned or simply relaxing and watching your favourite TV program in one of our lounges where you can also get to chat and meet new residents.

Three dental surgeons hold up an x-ray of teeth before starting implant dentistry Glasgow.

Implant Dentistry Glasgow Bringing Smiles Back to Care Home Residents

As we get older, our teeth start to deteriorate. Having dentures that are ill-fitting can cause a lot of stress and unhappiness. Opting to go without can be a real struggle, especially if they are missing from the front. Implant dentistry Glasgow is a fantastic solution for anyone facing any of these issues. If you have an older relative who is struggling with loose or missing teeth and would like to know about dentures, continue reading this article.

Implant Dentistry Glasgow

Dental implants can significantly change the life of someone who has been struggling with loose dentures, teeth or missing teeth. Feeling embarrassed and worried about your teeth can have a detrimental effect on people. It is extremely tiring to feel afraid to smile or to worry about dentures or teeth falling out in a social situation. Members of the older generation in particular struggle with this and it is common for many, if not most, residents of care homes to have these problems. Implant dentistry Glasgow is the ultimate solution to loose and missing teeth.

Woman smiling with perfect white teeth after having implant dentistry Glasgow.

The Berkeley Clinic

The Berkeley Clinic is a highly sought after, private dental surgery located in the city centre of Glasgow. This private practice has a full complement of expert staff that have trained and practised dentistry for many years. Implant dentistry Glasgow is an area that the Berkeley Clinic specialises in. The surgery has transformed the lives of hundreds of people by giving them back confidence and assurance in their teeth with dental implants. Despite there being several dental clinics in Glasgow that offer implant dentistry, the Berkeley Clinic is the most sought after.

Why Choose the Berkeley Clinic?

In Europe, there is only a small amount of dental practices with the ability to complete the entire dental implant procedure from start to finish on-site. The Berkeley Clinic is one of the few able to do so. This is beneficial to patients as speeds up the entire process, plus it gives the dental surgeon more control over the procedure as it is only dealt with in-house. This is one of the many reasons why the Berkeley Clinic is a popular choice for implant dentistry Glasgow. In addition, over 99% of patients who attend the clinic requesting implants have been able to get them. This is remarkable as there are many people, especially older patients, who are told they are not suitable for dental implants. Thanks to the innovative technology used at the Berkeley Clinic, plus the expert skill of the surgeons, more people than ever before are able to receive this fantastic treatment.

Implant dentistry Glasgow equipment in a dental clinic.

How to Get In Touch

If you have an older relative in a care home, or you work in a care home and know an older person who is interested in implant dentistry Glasgow, you can complete a contact form on the Berkeley Clinic website or phone on 0141 564 1900. Alternatively, you can email via

elderly people women with hands on lap

Why it is Beneficial for Elderly People to go to a Care Home

As you begin to get older you will start to notice that you find daily tasks more challenging. You may find in some cases that you have become slower when doing certain things. The team at Abbeyfield Bognor have come up with a list of reasons why it is beneficial for elderly people to live in a care home. If you are over the age of 65 and can’t always get help when you need it then you should consider a care home. A care home is beneficial for elderly people for a number of reasons such as:

  • Help when needed
  • Friendly staff
  • Socialising
  • Safety


How a Care Home Can Help Elderly People


If you are needing help getting from one place to another or need some assistance when going up and down stairs then a carer will be able to help you at any point of the day. Carers can help you if you need help with anything that you are struggling to do on your own. If you are living at home you will find it harder to do things and you won’t have as much help as you would need. This is why it would be beneficial for elderly people to go to a care home.


activities for elderly people chess

In a care home, you have a chance to be around people your own age. This makes care homes a great opportunity to meet new people and have someone to talk to during the day. If you live at home alone, you may find that you don’t speak to people as often. Whereas in a care home you are able to talk to everyone. Care homes also offer activities that are beneficial for elderly people as it means they have something to do during the day and stops them from being bored. With care homes, elderly people are able to go for a walk and not worry about not being able to go somewhere. This is because carers can take elderly people to places they want to go.

walking stick for elderly people



When living at home alone older people sometimes forget to lock doors or switch off lights. This can be dangerous as someone could break into their home and take their valuable belongings. Elderly people also may forget to turn their oven or cooker off when they have made something to eat. This is also dangerous because this can lead to a huge risk of fire and hurting themselves. Whereas in a home all doors are securely locked and the residents do not cook their own food as it is made for them.

best care homes for elderly elderly hand

List of Some of the Best Care Homes for Elderly People in the UK

If you have a friend or family member over the age of 65 and they need some help getting things done around their house it may be beneficial for them to move into a care home. This means your loved ones will be able to get help from staff members throughout the day any time they need it. Care homes can help you to be able to get on with daily life. This is because you will not have to make sure you can help people to do things as regularly. It also helps you to stop worrying as much because in a home for elderly people, you know they will be getting the help they need. There are many care homes across the UK, some of the best care homes are:

• Clarence Court Care Home, Glasgow
• Hill House Care Home, London
• Abbeyfield Bognor Regis Society Ltd, West Sussex

Best Care homes in Glasgow Clarence Court

This care home is one of the best care homes in Glasgow. Clarence Court offers a great range of care services ranging from nursing care to residential care and respite care. With nursing care, you can be assured that your loved ones who need more specialised help will have round the clock service to ensure they have everything they need. Residential care involves friendly staff helping occupants with tasks throughout the day. They also make sure everyone has what they need and will go out of their way to ensure they can provide reliable help. If you are a full-time resident or temporary you will be made to feel right at home either way to make your stay as welcome as possible.

best care homes for elderly bed room with decorations

Hill House Care Homes in London

Another one of the best care homes is the Hill House in London. Much like Clarence Court, Hill House offers services to help those with more serious health problems. This care home also offers services for respite residents who need help for a short amount of time, for instance, if they have just come out of the hospital and need some extra care.

best care homes for elderly room with decorations chair and shelfs

Abbeyfield Bognor Regis Society Ltd, West Sussex

Abbeyfield Bognor also offers the same services as the other care homes previously mentioned. This organisation has 4 locations across West Sussex. Some of the locations have 2 homes providing accommodation for elderly people with many health conditions.